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3D Anatomy Renders

If there is a powerfully informative tool, it is undoubtedly 3D animation. We have extensive experience in the medical industry and for this reason, doctors, surgeons and physicians choose us to deliver their online courses and international conferences. These animations make it easier for students and/or patients to understand the professional work, thanks to the precise adaptability and hyper-realism offered by 3D modeling.

At Renders Lab we are perfectly aware that the easy-to-understand graphics, images and videos generated with 3D animation, go hand in hand with the world of esthetic medicine, surgery, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, with text animations as their main component, obtain excellent results when it comes to providing dynamic communication, and they are a change from the static plates, whichare consistently losing attraction in the communication industry.

At Renders Lab we are specialists in the use of this technique, widely used for corporate videos, social media capsules, interactive presentations, events, exhibitions and logos for companies.

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Green Screen

The acronym VFX refers to digital visual effects, that is, the different ways in which images can be created and/or edited once they have been recorded.

At Renders Lab, we use different VFX techniques to meet the objectives of the audiovisual piece we are working on. One of the most widely used is the digital composition technique, which generate realistic digital environments through green screens in production.


Teach all over the world!

Translating the contents of your courses into different languages ​​is the best way to open your educational-content door to the world.

At Renders Lab we translate your content into any language. Improve your sales by reaching other countries!

Smart Learning Websites

Train in a different way. Train in an intelligent way.

At Renders Lab we make training and learning easier for those professionals and educational institutions all along Latin America,  thanks to the implementation of “smart learning” platforms. We create custom-made sites so that you have your own e-learning platform.

Artificial Intelligence (IA)

Do you feel you could share all your knowledge but you don’t have the time, or it’s just not your thing to express yourself in front of a camera? Are you interested in having your courses spoken in several languages ​​without having to learn these languages?

With AI, this IS POSSIBLE!

We create your own avatar (a humanoid who looks like you) in just a few steps, and it will be the one who talks to the camera.. We can put together your online course from a written text! We can also translate it and make you speak any language with native pronunciation.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Do you want to offer a new product or service and would you like to do it in an innovative way? Our digital proposal offers our clients a wide range of possibilities in Virtual Reality.

We generate experiences that SURPRISE AND CAPTURE THE USER’S ATTENTION. We provide solutions in an original, immersive and interactive way.

We develop simulations for problem solving, decision making, training and immersive courses.

We generate hyper-realistic and interactive environments so that your content is different from that of your competition.

Audiovisual Design and Production

From development to production.

Communicating creatively requires people with original ideas that can be conveyed in the right way. It is the differencethat brands, products, services or companies should make to stand out. Creative thinking arises from the questions we ask our clients: in that very moment, we begin to develop ideas together.

As storytellers we work to communicate these ideas in an audiovisual and effective way.

At Renders Lab, we produce audiovisual content for all types of platforms, and worldwide.

We create advertising, branded content, content for social media, institutional videos, courses for online education platforms at an international level, and we produce artistic performances for live events.

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